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Kids in ClassOur Schools Matter
Every day many school children are sadly denied the opportunity to fully enjoy the benefits of an education simply because they are sent to school without the most basic supplies, such as paper or even pencils. These children, through no fault of their own, are hurt and humiliated as they are forced to sit idly by and watch with envy as their classmates and friends learn to write their names or draw their favorite animal. Many teachers, through their endless devotion and kindness, attempt to alleviate this tragedy by purchasing school supplies from their own pockets...but as we are all aware, those pockets are empty enough without having to fund their own students.

Most of us can think back to our childhood and recall that we somehow always had the supplies we needed. However, today in particular, due to insufficient funding for public education, schools cannot provide all the necessary tools for learning and many families are forced to struggle with providing increasingly expensive supplies. A child should cry when she scrapes her knee or doesn't want to take a bath, but not because she doesn't have a marker to draw a rainbow with her classmates; and unfortunately this happens every day.

The most disturbing fact is that these children don't live in some distant inner city or third-world country, but live and play right here in Englewood!

Masons Helping Kids
With consideration for this most unfortunate and disheartening situation, Englewood Masonic Lodge, in traditional support of children's education, is coordinating a drive to raise enough supplies necessary for every elementary and middle school-age child in Englewood to experience the level of education for which they are entitled and so richly deserving.

Towards this end, we are accepting donations in the form of either supplies or money contributions, 100% of which are directly donated to Englewood elementary and middle schools.

How Can I Help?
As members of this community it is incumbent upon us all, whether we are parents or not, to provide the tools necessary for our children to achieve their dreams for today and for the future.

If you wish to contribute or simply
assist in this worthwhile endeavor,
please contact Brent Claypool, PM at

What Type of School Supplies Are Needed?
Schools are requesting glue, crayons, pencils, facial tissue, zipper bags, backpacks, paper, 3-ring binders, and much more. The following lists provide more detail:

Cherrelynn Elementary School Supplies

Clayton Elementary School Supplies